Tapered Oval Molds Candle Mold Sealers
White Candle Mold Sealing Putty or Magnetic Candle Mold Sealer. Both methods are a quick, easy, and effective way to seal the wick holes on metal candle molds.
Jeweled Candle Mold Sets
Sets consists of a top and bottom insert which fits into a matched mold.
Candle or Soap Pouring Pitcher 3 Quart Pouring Pitcher can hold up to 4 lbs. of wax or 6 lbs.of soap.
Seamless Candle Molds
Seamless Candle Mold Tubes
• Bases for Seamless Candle Molds

New Fluted Candle Molds

Now in addition to the 'Zig-Zag'
style of flute found on our regular Fluted Candle Molds there are
4 new styles to choose from.

Taper Candle Dipping Rack
These racks work well for hand dipped taper candles with height range of twelve to six inches.
Mini Scallop Candle Mold profile New ¼" Scallop Candle Molds
Mini Column Candle Mold profile New ¼" Column Candle Molds
Scallop Candle Mold profile New ½" Scallop Candle Molds
Column Candle Mold profile New ½" Column Candle Molds

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